Triofox iOS Application User Guide


Welcome to the Triofox iOS Application User Guide. This guide describes the iOS application for Triofox, which helps businesses mobilize their file servers.

Users can access files using any device of their choice as Triofox has clients for Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android, and more.

Triofox iOS application is a native iOS application available in App Store that you can use to access file server files and folders. The Triofox iOS application requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Getting Started

This user guide describes in detail the full functionality of Triofox iOS application.

Download & Install

Search for Triofox in “App Store” to start the download and installation.


After the installation, click on “OPEN” to access the Triofox login screen.


The first time you login, you will need to click the “Access Point” text, and enter your access point (e.g., ip address, url). Then enter your login credentials to complete the process.


Accessing Files and Folders

Once logged in, users will see the files and folders they have access to like shown in the screen below.


Tap on the folder to see the files and sub-folders inside. Clicking the “3 vertical dots” icon for a folder will display editing and collaboration options for that folder.


The editing and collaboration options are “Favorite”, “Share Manager”, “Delete”, “Rename”, and “More Info”.


Simply Tapping a file will display that same file and upload options are shown at the top right as the icon shown in the picture below.


Creating New Folders

In order to create new folders a user can click the “+” (plus) icon displayed on the bottom of the screen.


After entering the folder name and clicking the “Create” button will create a new folder.


Uploading Photos

Selecting the camera icon will allow users to either upload an existing photo in the library, take a new photo or record a new video. Select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Take Photo” or “Choose Existing” or a “Video”.

_images/TriofoxNew010.png _images/TriofoxNew011.png _images/triofoxnew034.png _images/triofoxnew035.png

Files App

To edit an existing document through the files app, you can simply open your file in word and select ‘Save to Triofox’.

Open an app like Microsoft Word and go to the browse tab at the bottom right. Select Files App


On the top left, select ‘Locations’ to browse to the ‘Triofox Drive’ and select it.


Simply browse through the Triofox Drive and select the File you would like to edit.


Once the document is edited and saved, it will also be saved and updated into the Triofox drive automatically.


To refresh any screen, swipe down and it will refresh automatically

Offline Access

Files that have been added to “Favorites” are available for offline access. You can access the files by clicking the Favorite Icon when offline.


Selecting the Star (1) icon at the bottom of the screen (shown below), will open the “Offline Favorites” screen which shows all the files that are available for offline access. If you go towards the right of the file(2), you can remove items from this list by clicking the 3 Vertical dots (3) icon on the left of the item you want to remove. In this example image you can also see the green checkmark (synced for offline) and the blue star (favorited) to show you the status of the file. When you are finished with “Favorite” edits, click “Close” (4) to exit this function.

_images/TriofoxNew004.png _images/triofoxnew039.png _images/triofoxnew040.png _images/triofoxnew036.png


Adding to Favorite

You can add a file to favorites by tapping the 3 ‘vertical dots’ icon next to the file to open the file properties screen and pressing the Star Icon.


When you add files to favorite, they will be marked with a “Star” and you can access them offline.


Removing from Favorite

On the “Offline Favorites” screen, you can click the “3 Vertical dots” (1) and and just select unfavorate



Sharing a File

First tap a file you want to share. Then in the file properties view, select the Share Icon on the bottom of the display.


In the Sharing screen, tap the “+” icon to add emails for users you want to include in this share.


Add users in the “Share to” screen.


On the next screen you have several options:

  1. Specify share expiration time.

  2. Choose “Read Only” or “Full Control”.

  3. Choose “View only (no Download)” if desired.

  4. Choose “Password Protection” and enter a password.

  5. Turn off Password Protection and allow user to create their own password from the link in the email they receive.

When the sharing option has been selected press “Share” on the bottom right.


Modifying a Share

Once the sharing process is completed, you will see a screen with a list of shares for this file.


You can also swipe right to delete this user from the shared list.


Deleting a File

A file can be deleted by clicking the Delete Icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Once the file has been deleted it will no longer be visible in the Triofox drive.


Renaming a File

You can rename a file by selecting a file you want to rename, then in the file details screen, you can click the Rename Icon at the bottom of the screen. You will get a pop-up window with a field where you can enter a new name for the file.


Copying a File

You can copy a file by selecting a file you want to copy, then in the file details screen, you click the Copy Icon at the bottom of the screen. You can then navigate to the location where you want to place the file copy.

_images/Triofoxnew030.png _images/triofoxnew038.png

Moving a File

You can move a file by selecting a file you want to move, then in the file details screen, you click the Cut icon at the bottom of the screen. You can then navigate to the location where you want to place the file.

_images/TriofoxNew031.png _images/triofoxnew038.png

Logging Out From Triofox Drive

You can logout from the Triofox Drive by clicking the Logout Icon at the bottom right of the screen.


In the next screen you will see important information about the iOS Application and the Server. Click the “Sign Out” text to complete the logout process.



Gladinet”s vision is to enable secure access to enterprise files from anywhere using any device including mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. The iOS Triofox application is feature rich which allows enterprise users to not only access the files but also sync and collaborate. Users can access, share, edit, and perform other functions when accessing from iOS devices just like they do when they access files and folders from Windows or MAC clients.