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Triofox significantly reduces the infrastructure costs associated with data protection and business continuity. For example, the Triofox server doubles as a backup appliance for file shares and endpoints at no additional cost, providing an extremely efficient way to increase productivity by minimizing the duration and impact of outages.

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Gladinet and Triofox have revolutionized how our office works remotely. The solution itself works great and is easy to implement. Sales and support have been incredibly responsive, fixing issues quickly and also taking my feedback seriously. I couldn't be happier.

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A Story - Bank need an always-on VPN with Offline Capability and Device Backup

A bank does not currently have an always-on VPN, so it's not very convenient for remote workers. They currently use some sort of copy script to seed the user's laptop with files and folders, and then copy them back to the file servers at the end. So the requirement is simple: give users data on their remote PCs so they can work offline. However, copy everything they worked on offline back to the company's file servers.

Data Protection

Protect your data from accidental deletion or unexpected corruption with version controls at the file level. Meet compliance requirements and track system changes with audit traces and file change history.

Mobile and Remote Access

Prevent Data Loss and Corruption

Eliminate data loss and threats with Shadow IT, storing data on your file servers and using Active Directory and NTFS permissions for access control.

Audit File Change History

Improve change control by adding file versioning to Windows Shadow Copy Services. It tracks the who, what, when, and where for every change and simplifies point-in-time recovery from user errors and malicious attacks.

Meet Compliance and Regulation Requirements

Manage users, access controls, and storage centrally. Administrators can perform audits for GDPR and HIPAA compliance or track all file changes. It's so much easier to pass compliance tests when both Triofox servers and Windows servers IT infrastructure are under your supervision and control.

Offsite Private Cloud Backup

Define the backup target location for your network file shares. Files and folders will be replicated off-site to another on-premises location or public cloud and can be accessed directly for business continuity.

secure remote file server access

Ransomware Protection

Triofox also adds ransomware protection and alerts to your file server. It monitors Triofox clients for unusual activity and shuts them down if it detects a possible attack. It also provides version control and offsite backups of your file server so IT can recover from attacks or accidental deletions.


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The Triofox solution extends the current internal Windows file server's reach to remote locations via HTTPS and web protocols. It is privacy by default.


The internal Windows file server is the data repository for the newly added private folder sharing service. For employees, the files at work are the same files available remotely on mobile devices.


The same corporation owns the internal Windows file server and existing IT infrastructure, including the new Triofox server, and the files and folders on the file server are privately owned.


Since the files never leave the current on-premise file servers, it is much easier to pass compliance audits. The new Triofox server as a private file sharing service is the only component that needs additional work.

Permission Control

The same NTFS permissions that were in place to protect the internal Windows file server files will be the same permission control in place to protect the private file sharing service.

secure remote file server access

Business Continuity

With Triofox, your private cloud backup data repository is also an active, shared workspace that can be accessed directly when your file servers are unavailable. Or you can instantly spin up a new environment by restoring the file server network shares to a new off-site location.

Private Cloud Backup for Continuity

Define the backup target location for your network file shares. Files and folders will be replicated off-site to another on-premises location or public cloud and can be accessed directly for business continuity.

Branch Office File Server Synchronization

Minimize storage and bandwidth consumption by automatically synchronizing and caching only the files you need.

Leverage AWS and Azure Cloud Services

In addition to Windows file server, Amazon S3, Windows Azure Blob, and Azure Files are all good storage services for creating a cloud file server.

Leverage Local Data Centers for Business Continuity

It's a solution that you fully own and control. With Triofox, you can install and self-host the solution entirely on-premise or in the data center of a trusted service provider. Provide a business continuity solution for your companies.

Granular Folder Permissions

Leverage native NTFS permissions for the existing folder hierarchy. Manage permissions from the original file serve or within Triofox.

Simplify File Share Access

Easily collaborate with business partners by providing them with access to a limited set of internal files or folders. Share files with non-AD users while maintaining administrative controls. Simplify multi-site collaboration with automatic version controls and file locking. Mobile workers will see the same content in the online shared folder as if they were from an internal mapped drive.

Benefits of Triofox

Eliminate VPN Bottlenecks to Improve Remote Productivity

Do your remote workers find themselves slowed down by sluggish performance when accessing files from a mapped drive over a VPN?

Retire Remote File Servers to Reduce Management Costs

File servers at remote sites create significant management costs for upgrades and maintenance.

Use Intelligent Tiering to Reduce Storage Costs

Do you have a large data set with significant storage costs?

Accelerate Lift and Shift To Eliminate Application Compatibility Issues

Need to move your server to the cloud without changing your applications?

Mapped Drive Power + Web Simplicity + VPN Security? How?

Triofox is a web server that accepts file requests from client agents over the HTTPS/SSL protocol. These requests are then translated to Active Directory and File Server network share access protected by NTFS permissions. The file is sent back to the client agents over HTTPS/SSL when all permission checks have passed. Triofox uses this approach to combine the power of a mapped drive with the simplicity of web browsing and the security of a VPN!

Setup is Easy and Simple

Install Triofox Server

Run the Triofox installer on a clean Windows Server, and the installer will install all dependency components. Basic setup and configuration require only a few minutes. A reboot is required after the installation.

Configure File Server Shares

Enable Active Directory integration and file server discovery. You can then publish file server network shares to Active Directory users for secure, remote, and mobile access from remote and mobile devices.

Professional Services

You can use the Triofox professional services team for setup, configuration, and training or work directly with one of our authorized partners. We will help you set up the Triofox server to integrate with your IT infrastructure.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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