Take Your File Servers Back To The Future

Triofox prepares file servers for a productive future that is independent of the data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud, or file servers on-premises, you'll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security, or privacy.

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Currently, technologies such as the Active Directory and the Microsoft Windows file system have become obsolete, in our opinion, due to the technological growth of any company in any sector.

One solution is to mount our own "cloud" at a higher level as Triofox does, where, without losing our Active Directory and file system, we can have full access to the folders from anywhere.

Jose Carlos Torro Belda

 - IT Operations Director, TORRECID

Windows File Server Features

Here are some of the Windows file server features we like and don't want to lose when moving to the cloud

Active Directory

With Active Directory, employees can log in to corporate machines with one single set of credentials.

Drive Mapping

Drive mapping is probably the most frequently used feature from end-users when then login to their Windows workstation.

Storage Space Direct

With Windows storage space direct, Windows file servers can be pooled together to increase the storage capacity and grow on demand.

Windows features

NTFS Permission

The NTFS file system brings the permission structure to folders and files with well-understood security control.

File Locking

File locking is another frequently used feature from NTFS and the CIFS/SMB protocol to lock files while they are being edited.

Virtual Machine

With the virtual machine technology, Windows file servers can be available from AWS, Windows Azure and various other data center locations.

Yap Mun Yow

Thanks to Triofox for the easy to deploy system that helped us a lot in converting our on-premise file server to a web-based file server. We were able to get the system ready to use within a few hours. From installing the software, configuring shared folders to defining user access controls, the whole deployment process was simple and straightforward.

Yap Mun Yow

 - Head of IT at Soka Gakkai Malaysia

Mobile Productivity Features

Do you want to make these features available to your remote workers?

offline editing

Offline Editing

A traditional VPN requires a stable and active connection to the corporate firewall to function. A disruption of the Internet or an interrupted connection to the firewall interrupts employees' work with unsaved files. With offline editing, remote workers can save and edit documents without an active connection and save the files asynchronously to a corporate file server once the connection is restored.

Always on drive letter

Always On

A firewall provider typically offers VPN without an always-on feature. Always-on VPN requires more infrastructure components, such as an identity server, an authentication server, a compatible client OS, etc. However, most modern cloud applications are always-on, allow offline access to files and folders, and allow files to be stored on a local device before being synchronized with the online servers.

high performance

High Performance

Accessing file servers is hardly high performance, because when a VPN allows it, file access communicates via the SMB/CIFS protocol. First of all, the SMB protocol is not a data streaming protocol with many requests and responses. If we can switch to HTTP streaming for file transfer, performance will improve. Second, HTTP-based file transfer traffic can take advantage of a global content delivery network, so HTTP is faster for cross-continent transfer.

secure remote file server access

Best of Both Worlds!

Combine traditional file server security from the old world with modern mobile productivity from the new to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Security & Ownership

File servers are great if you want to maintain data ownership with secure IT infrastructure and well-understood technologies such as Active Directory and NTFS permissions. Triofox builds a mobile access and file sharing solution based on file servers to leverage these strengths.

Mobile and Remote Access

Data Ownership

With file servers, business owners know exactly where the data is and it's easier to meet compliance requirements.

Active Directory

Active Directory and NTFS permissions are very mature security technologies protecting file server access. This simplifies maintenance for qualified IT staff.

File Servers in the Cloud

Moving file servers to regional data centers or cloud platforms like Azure and AWS has become a popular option. But this creates a mobile access challenge. Triofox provides simplified mobile access to file servers in the cloud that maintains familiar on-premises experiences like mapped drives and automatic file locking.

Software-Defined Storage

As file servers become more potent with elastic storage capacity from software-defined-storage or other technologies, they are becoming private clouds in their own right. It is natural to layer in secure file sharing to take advantage of its capacity while keeping the user experience familiar and straightforward.

Triofox Solution

Triofox adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is the real cloud file server solution you have been looking for!

Remote Access

Triofox bridges file servers and cloud storage for secure remote access without the need for a VPN.

Web Access

Accessing files and folders directly from within a web browser is as interactive as from a desktop drive.

Mobile Access

Triofox leverages cloud storage for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or a mobile application.

Cloud Migration

Triofox sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage that can be seamlessly converted to cloud-only.

Cloud & Mobility

Cloud & Mobility

With mobile access, secure file sharing, data protection, and private cloud migration features built around a file server's security strengths, the file server is fully equipped with the cloud features it needs to maintain the productivity needs of the future.

Mobile Access

Access file shares remotely with natively mapped drives on Windows and Mac clients. Replicate the same experience on mobile devices and web browsers.

Secure File Sharing

Access internal file shares from any device in any location with a mapped drive that is always on.

Data Protection

Save bandwidth and storage space by displaying directory structure but delaying downloads until files are in use. Save money by buying clients with smaller drives.

Private Cloud Readiness

Triofox enables data management between local file servers and privately-owned cloud storage locations. Keeping data on-premises, in a regional data center or AWS or Azure in the future, all become good choices for you.

Take Windows File Servers Back to the Future

There are so many Windows file server features that we use and love. However, there are also Office 365 OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Azure Files, Dropbox, Box, ShareFile, etc. public cloud storage services that compete with Windows when it comes to storage services and applications file servers for your data. These services can make Windows file server irrelevant in the future.

Shall you give up your Windows file server and adopt these public cloud storage services? Or shall we add modern cloud services to Windows file servers and take the file servers back to the future!

Mapped Drive Power + Web Simplicity + VPN Security? How?

Triofox is a web server that accepts file requests from client agents over the HTTPS/SSL protocol. These requests are then translated to Active Directory and File Server network share access protected by NTFS permissions. The file is sent back to the client agents over HTTPS/SSL when all permission checks have passed. Triofox uses this approach to combine the power of a mapped drive with the simplicity of web browsing and the security of a VPN!

Setup is Easy and simple

Install Triofox Server

Run the Triofox installer on a clean Windows Server, and the installer will install all dependency components. Basic setup and configuration require only a few minutes. A reboot is required after the installation.

Configure File Server Shares

Enable Active Directory integration and file server discovery. You can then publish file server network shares to Active Directory users for secure, remote, and mobile access from remote and mobile devices.

Professional Services

You can use the Triofox professional services team for setup, configuration, and training or work directly with one of our authorized partners. We will help you set up the Triofox server to integrate with your IT infrastructure.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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