Hybrid Cloud Server

Hybrid cloud storage solution delivers incredible flexibility, performance, security for mobile access, data protection, and cloud migration.

A story - MSP needs a hybrid solution for client’s business continuity

An independent IT consulting firm in the Virgin Islands provides file management services to its clients. The island experiences a hurricane season every year. When a hurricane hits, the generator does not work due to the local infrastructure. Power outages can last for hours. Even when the power is back, sometimes the internet is still down. You cannot rely on the internet to connect. Every time that happens, people decide to leave the island and go to the mainland states, but they have no way to reconnect to continue their work. They have investigated various cloud solutions. But they cannot fully rely on the public cloud. Some clients need to have a local server. They have some law firm clients who need to process their cases and invoices on a local server. Since the Internet could be down after a hurricane, even the power is back. So, moving the file server to the cloud does not work here. Another client is like a gas station. The gas station must continue to operate (pay employees, etc.) regardless of the Internet. So, a local file server is a MUST, when business operations must be ensured even without the Internet. Therefore, a hybrid solution makes absolute sense for business continuity. It keeps sensitive or regulated data on-premises but uses cloud computing for other applications. Work can continue in the cloud and then be synchronized back to the on-premises server.

MSP needs a hybrid solution for client’s business continuity

Simple cloud migration - The cloud migration process is simple and tailored to clients’ needs. We can take the time to migrate individual users to the cloud over days or weeks, rather than requiring everything to be done in one night. What kills in a data migration is rushing through it and with Triofox we can take our time.



Hybrid Cloud Server
— the Mobile Access Solution for You

VPN is a headache for everyone. FTP and WebDav are too old for modern web based access

The need of a new cloud server solution

A solution is needed to provide remote users with easier and more efficient access to the same synchronized file server content.

In the past, organizations have primarily hosted private file servers in their local data center. They may have a file server at their headquarters that employees access through the traditional Microsoft network. Remote users need to use a VPN to access the file server, and this process is cumbersome, slow, and not user-friendly.

For this reason, many companies have opted for cloud servers. However, a cloud-only file system also has its problems. Such an approach lacks efficiency, and it is not possible for other applications or users to access the data on-premises. In addition, the data is distributed among individual users or teams and is beyond the control of IT.

When you store data in a public cloud with other tenants, security is quite uncertain. Not to mention that there are times when the Internet connection is slow or unexpected events prevent access to important data in the cloud.

What is Hybrid Cloud Server?

A hybrid cloud server is a combination of cloud server and local server. It combines both on-premises and off-premises IT resources. With a hybrid cloud server, data on the private server remains private and secure, while the public cloud provides mobility and efficiency. The hybrid cloud server solution provides flexibility and scalability as files and folders are seamlessly synchronized between public and private clouds to handle employee workloads from the closest location.

Local Server

Using a VPN is not only inconvenient, but also expensive to maintain. However, it is absolutely secure.

Cloud Server

It comes with the problem of security, as well as the issue of performance. However, it offers good mobility.

Hybrid Cloud Server

Combines the best of both worlds with security and mobility, but without their weaknesses.

When do you need a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

"I want the entire company to be able to access the cloud server, but it's pain that remote workers can not access it without a VPN."

VPN Replacement

Our hybrid cloud server allows you to access the cloud server without a VPN. Users can access files from any location and device through a simple and transparent interface.

"It was a critical time, and we were facing a lot of traffic, but slow Internet speeds prevented us from accessing cloud storage quickly."

Maximize Performance

While all your data is backed up to the cloud, the local server in the hybrid solution will ensures that you are never compromised by external factors. Together, both layers, public and private cloud, help you maximize your performance and efficiency.

"All our data is stored locally, but after the hurricane hits, we lost all of it, and we do not have any backups."

On-Demand Backup

Our hybrid cloud server allows you to access the file server without a VPN. Users can access the server from any location, on any device, through a simple and transparent interface. Cloud backup and data protection also include version control so you can easily revert to previous versions.

"We currently use cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive, but we'd like to have better control over permissions and better protection of our data."

File Locking

Take advantage of our folder permissions feature that can mirror NTFS permissions or be created natively. Retain NTFS permissions and Active Directory identities when connecting file servers to the cloud.

We provide full support for file locking from the cloud with a familiar file server locking experience, ensuring the security of all your files.

"Why Choose Hybrid Cloud Server Solution"

Hybrid Cloud Server is a solution that combines the benefits of both worlds - storing files both on-premises and in the cloud.

While master copies of all files are stored in a (public) cloud, the on-premises hardware client provides the same performance and permission control as a local (private) file server or network attached storage (NAS) device.

Endless scalability is provided by the public cloud aspect (such as Amazon S3), which means as many resources as needed.

The interface itself is simple and transparent to users. Users can easily access and share it via Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder interface.

A distributed file system synchronizes data across multiple sites using a single namespace that grants global access.

Triofox Solution: Security + Mobility

Triofox Solution: Security + Mobility

Our hybrid cloud storage solution aims to improve access to file servers for remote users without disrupting or changing the way on-premise users currently access the server.

How it works:

File server content is replicated to a cloud storage service where remote users have enhanced access to the same file server content. The content is also synchronized between the on-premises server and the cloud storage service.

File servers from different locations can contribute folders to a globally distributed file system namespace in cloud storage within the user account. Users can access files through a web browser, desktop PC, mobile device or other file server. The solution enables easy access for remote users and provides an online backup solution for the hybrid cloud server.

What makes us different?

While many other solutions offer savings and productivity boosts from cloud file sharing, Triofox provides the unique ability to create your cloud-based server with custom branding while retaining complete control of the storage and servers involved. Triofox’s ability to utilize standard letter-drive mappings for cloud storage simplifies adoption, access, and centralized collaboration.

Triofox is also unique in its deep integration with NTFS and Active Directory and the ability to create a hybrid cloud server environment that preserves drive mapping, file-locking, and familiar permission control user experiences.

Benefits of Triofox as a Hybrid Cloud Server

Triofox eliminates the common drawbacks of traditional file server access and cloud file sharing solutions and combines both strengths with the following benefits.

Online Backup

Cloud backup and data protection with version control. On-demand sync minimizes storage and bandwidth consumption.


Full support for file locking from the cloud. Encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.

VPN Replacements

An alternative for one or more of the following: VPN, DFS, FTP, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, ShareFile, Anchor, Egnyte, etc.

Centralized Control

Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users and drive mappings. Advanced reports and usage audits on file-sharing activity from a centralized management console.

Simple Remote Access

Simplified remote access from iOS/AndroidPC/Mac/Windows Phone/Windows RT mobile devices. From any location, with any device.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate management costs of servers and VPNs. Avoid the cost of manual files and folders replication or recreation of NTFS permissions.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates into current file-based enterprise networks and work-flow environments.

Flexible and Easy Setup 

Choose different implementations based on your own needs. Easy process to set up.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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