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A story - Bank needs compliant device backup for remote and offline access

A financial company in a South Asian country that is not a bank is part of a Central Banking System (CBS). The company has 3 Windows file servers and 700 employees who sometimes work remotely inside and outside the country. These users create important company documents (PDF, XLS, etc.) on their laptops and other mobile devices related to their regular work. These documents need to be kept in a central location to prevent data loss and protect the data. The compliance requirements of their CBS dictate that the data stays in their country. So, they need to ensure that corporate data on remote devices stay on their internal file servers. They have looked at backup solutions from Veeam and Veritas, but those can only handle data on-premises. They have looked at other solutions such as VMWare Workspace but found that they are too expensive and do not fit their budget. They also have issues with offline access. As a result, they are looking for a cost-effective solution to back up remote devices to their internal file servers. The solution must also allow them to maintain access controls and handle offline events gracefully, without a VPN.

bank needs file server online backup

Everybody globally has access to the same files which are all up-to-date and accurate, from a system that’s also secure and easy to implement.


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Backup Your Local File Servers

The need of File Server Online Storage Backup

The need for File Server Online Storage Backup

A solution is needed that provides enterprises with secure online backup of on-premise file servers.

For a long time, consumer backup and enterprise backup were considered two separate groups of backup solutions. Online storage backup is better represented in the consumer market. In contrast, enterprise backup typically uses an on-premises centralized backup appliance or backup server where all devices on-premise backup to the appliance.

While there are an increasing number of enterprise solutions that use online storage backup as a backup appliance option. However, most online backup solutions deal with dark- data, which means that the data stored on the online storage side can't be easily put to active-use until it is restored back down to the enterprise backup appliance. The time to restore is usually quite long.

What can Triofox backup?

In its simplest form, Triofox is a web-based file access server layered around on-premise file servers. By default, it has HTTPS connectivity to the connected client agents on Windows PC, Mac, and remote file servers. This feature of the centralized access server can easily be used for a centralized backup server. Thus, Triofox is also a backup server.

With the integration of an enterprise-defined online storage account, Triofox can back up connected devices and linked file servers to a private cloud storage account to ensure business continuity and secure remote access.

Triofox: An Integrated Backup Solution

The Triofox solution can be used by enterprises to privately deploy and host a remote access and file sharing solution. The solution provides an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop, and file server access) around a private cloud storage service and local file server storage. It maintains full control over the data and the associated access infrastructure.

Triofox can also serve as a centralized backup appliance, backing up connected remote client devices and connected file server network shares to a centrally defined private online storage account.

Support Remote Devices

Support Remote Devices

Remote devices that have the client agent software installed by default maintain a connection to the central Triofox server. The client agent provides snapshot backup and version backup for the files and folders on the device.

Support File Servers

Support File Servers

Connected file servers, either on the local area network or remote file servers with server agent software installed, have both snapshot backup and version backup options.

How it works

Triofox is built on top of the Microsoft web server. On the one hand, it communicates with external client agents via HTTPS protocols. On the other hand, it communicates with internal file servers and active directory services. It also serves as a central backup server, creating backup copies on private online storage accounts and providing all connectivity with external client devices and internal file servers.

Version Control

Triofox provides version control for backup folders.

Snapshot Backup

Triofox provides snapshot backup features.

Remote Devices

Back up remote devices connected to the Triofox server via HTTPS.

Folder Permissions

Back up file server folder permissions.

Active Use

Files and folders at the online backup location can be used actively.

Quick Restore

Restoration can be done quickly via the web portal.

Additional Benefits of Triofox

Beyond combining Dropbox-style mobility features and Windows file server security, Triofox has numerous features to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Secure File Sharing

Sharing files out to partners or receiving files from partners is comfortable with web links.


Full support for file locking from the cloud. Encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.

VPN Replacements

An alternative for one or more of the following: VPN, DFS, FTP, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, ShareFile, Anchor, Egnyte, etc.

Centralized Control

Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users and drive mappings. Advanced reporting and usage auditing of file sharing activity from a centralized management console.

Simple Remote Access

Simplified remote access from iOS / AndroidPC / Mac / Windows Phone / Windows RT mobile devices. From any location, using any device.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate the management costs of servers and VPNs. Avoid the cost of manually replicating files and folders or recreating NTFS permissions.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with current file-based enterprise networks and workflow environments.

Flexible and Easy Setup

Choose different implementations according to your own needs. Simple setup procedure.

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