File Server Remote Access without a VPN

Did you spend many hours troubleshooting VPN links?
Did both your employees and the IT support team lose productivity due to down VPN links?
VPNs are complicated; there is a better way!


It is easy to set up, seamless to use, and enhance your file server mobility immediately! 

Triofox enables public and private Windows file sharing without a VPN. Empower remote workers and home workers with a simple and secure file server access solution from anywhere using any device. 

Why VPN costs your time and money?

The primary reason is that VPN is a complex solution that extends your corporate network virtually to a remote worker's desktop machine. Regardless of how technology-savvy they are, your remote workers are forced to understand terminologies such as network, file servers, mapped drives, VPN Access Client. Not to mention the numerous steps to establish VPN connections, and when VPN links break down, trying to understand the underlying technologies such as traversing corporate firewalls and the many different network protocols, and the potential reason that it breaks.

Quite often, your employees gave up and then called your tech support team. Both spend time away from work to troubleshoot VPN issues.

When dealing with the VPN issues or VPN tickets, do you wish that accessing your file servers be as easy as the user experiences offered by the cloud storage tools, such as those from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive? 

But what about security and compliance? You may ask yourself.


Secure remote access refers to security policies or strategies taken to protect sensitive data transmission when accessed from devices or networks not controlled by the company.

Why Secure Remote Access Matters

As internet-connected devices and digital processes have flourished in the modern work environment, many organizations no longer bind their workforce to a single location. Employees can now access company resources and networks remotely from a constellation of devices and sites.

While this affords many salient benefits to organizations and their workers, it also renders traditional data security measures obsolete. Old ideas about access control via endpoints and passwords fall short in remote environments because they rely on an employee's physical presence in the office using a pre-secured set of devices.

On the other hand, secure remote access ensures anyone who remotely accesses your file server or network is authenticated and uses a secure internet connection. It essentially is another layer of security between your users (or workers) and your data. Before allowing a user to connect to your file server, the application running a secure remote access policy may check for:

Security: Confirms that connected systems have updated antivirus and firewall, that all patches are present, and that no dangerous processes are running.

Single Sign-On (SSO) measures: Authenticated users can access certain resources with their initial login credentials.

NTFS Permissions: Existing permissions on your file server will be applied to remote users.

Get Secure Remote Access for Your File Server

Triofox simplifies remote access to your Windows file servers by providing a clean, secure interface for your remote workforce. It doesn't take any files or data out of your file server. Instead, it introduces a robust, secure remote access policy to empower your employees to connect securely to the resources they need. With Triofox, you will enjoy a secure solution combined with ease-of-use from cloud mobility.

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Triofox Solution

Triofox adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is the real cloud file server solution you have been looking for!

Remote Access

Triofox bridges file servers and cloud storage for secure remote access without the need for a VPN.

Web Access

Accessing files and folders directly from within a web browser is as interactive as from a desktop drive.

Mobile Access

Triofox leverages cloud storage for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or a mobile application.

Cloud Migration

Triofox sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage that can be seamlessly converted to cloud-only.

Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

Triofox can integrate with ADFS, Azure AD, and other SAML 2.0 compatible identity services. It also has its 2-factor authentication enabled and enforced for all users for an added security layer. Once your users have authenticated themselves in Triofox, they'll have the same access to your company's file servers when working from home or their remote workspace as they would at the office.

Endpoint Encryption

The platform can encrypt if enabled any data at all endpoints, ensuring that your most sensitive information never leaves a secure environment no matter where your workers access it.

Advanced User Controls

This lets you inherit existing user and role permissions from your file server and apply them to your remote workers’ devices with ease. It also allows users to simplify their login processes using Active Directory.

Familiar User Interface

From mapped drive on Windows Explorer, to mounted volume on a macOS, to file locking, web browser access and mobile application access, Triofox is an all-in-one accessing solution that brings the seamless drive-mapping experience to end-user employees.

Business Continuity

Additional features include version control, audit trace, file change log report, and cloud backup. These features enhance your file server's capability with business continuity, regulation compliance, and a better fit for cloud mobility in the future!

Choose Fast, Secure Deployment with Triofox

As business processes become less reliant on or restricted to a physical location, data security and remote access have become a focal point in operations. Secure remote access is just one of the many benefits Triofox delivers to companies seeking a rapid solution that supports a mobile workforce. 

Boost remote productivity of your mobile workforce!