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Host and own your own online storage - The solution that solves your security issues with data ownership, file locking, permission control, and seamless integration.

A story - Government agency needs a service with better compliance, security, ownership and support

An IT consultant in Canada Quebec has an immediate opportunity that is a government agency. For a government agency, data security is a top priority. They are looking for a secure file-sharing solution, but also have concerns about regulatory compliance, security, and data ownership. The file-sharing function can be fulfilled by SharePoint or OneDrive, but they do not want to rely on the "cloud" for compliance. Even though the "cloud" provides privacy compliance, they feel it is not the same in the "cloud". It's difficult to ask a vendor to do something specific for a particular compliance requirement. Change management is complex. However, with an on-premises file server, change management is easy. When something is "local", you feel like you have a lot of control to ensure compliance. They found that Triofox, a secure online file-sharing solution with the flexibility of managing a local file server, can facilitate compliance outside of America.

Government agency needs a service with better compliance, security, ownership and support

Online File Storage and Sharing challenges for Enterprises

Today, online storage is widely used by many businesses as an alternative to traditional off-site local storage because it is more convenient and scalable. However, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing the right online file storage solution.

Business concerned about data security

Data Security

The biggest concern with online storage for businesses is security. By using online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, companies must relinquish control of sensitive data to third parties. Data is typically taken outside of the company's IT environment, leading to potential leakage of internal data.

According to a Ponemon study, 60% of organizations have employees who frequently post confidential files to online-based services without permission. In fact, IBM has even banned the use of these services entirely.

Companies are rightly concerned that data could be viewed or mishandled by third-party providers. Since the cloud is a multi-user environment where all resources are shared, proper segregation between tenants is not always guaranteed.

Cost of Data Breach

Even with additional security measures, internal corporate data is still vulnerable to hacks or leaks during file transfer.

In 2019, each employee had access to an average of 17 million files and 1.21 million folders (Varonis). According to the Cost of a Data Breach Report from IBM, the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million and rising. Therefore, it can be said that cloud data security and compliance is a top priority for business.

Business concerned about cost of breach
business concerned about compliance

Compliance and Regulation

Companies fear that migrating their data to the cloud not only poses a security risk, but also jeopardizes their industry-specific compliance requirements.

Especially in the more regulated or security-conscious sectors, companies often want to ensure that they have first-hand control over the regulation of their data. In highly regulated industries, the availability of information can often make the difference between compliance or non-compliance with government or industry regulations.

Access Control and Credential Management

After migrating their data to the cloud, organizations often have problems controlling permissions.

Most online storage solutions do not provide a centralized management option for companies. This makes it difficult to have a centralized credential and access policy, such as who can access what file, where someone can log in, what IP range can be used to log in, etc.

Business concerned about access and control

Meet Triofox

If you need an online storage solution, and want to manage where your data is located, how it is going to be sent to the cloud, who has access and who doesn’t, and how it is going to be secured, then Triofox is for you.

Triofox Solution

Triofox adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is the real cloud file server solution you have been looking for!

Remote Access

Triofox adds HTTPS web protocol on top of Windows file server for secure remote access without the need of a VPN.

Web Access

Accessing files and folders directly from a web browser is as interactive as from a desktop drive.

Mobile Access

Triofox leverages web protocol for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or from a mobile application.

Cloud Migration

Triofox sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage that can be seamlessly converted to cloud-only.

Data Ownership

Triofox provides the option to host your own cloud storage, so you can choose to retain all the control that you need.

You can choose to install the server directly on the corporate network (self-hosting).

From internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners, you can define user rights for folder sharing.

Active Directory Integration
Self Hosting
Data Privacy

Security and Permission Control

You may assign read-only or full folder permission to team members that can mirror NTFS permissions or get created natively. Triofox preserves NTFS permissions and Active Directory identities when connecting file servers to the cloud, with a simpler permission migration and configuration strategy than Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. You can also manage your users’ role by assigning them to delegates.

You can encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.


Triofox enables single sign-on with Active Directory, eliminating the need for another set of credentials. It provides a centralized access policy to manage when and where people can log in.

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Advanced reporting and usage auditing on file-sharing activities from a centralized management console.


Triofox supports file sharing with file locking via the web portal, desktop client, and mobile applications. Triofox also offers cloud drive mapping that provides a local drive letter for easy on-demand access to files.

The web-based secure data room provides view-only access with download disabled.

Enterprises produce an overwhelming amount of data every day. Avoid the hassle of data sprawl and data sets split between internal file servers and cloud solutions.

Take online storage into your own hands!

The Private Online Storage Benefits!

Triofox eliminates the common drawbacks of traditional file server access and online file sharing solutions and comes with the following benefits. It is a private storage solution with online storage features.

Guarantee Data Privacy

Businesses can address data privacy concerns by using Triofox to provide access to internal file servers. It’s common to talk about replacing existing file servers with cloud solutions to reduce costs and administrative overhead, and Triofox can facilitate this in any private cloud. Still, Triofox offers the unique option of using existing file servers to replace cloud file sharing!

Mobile Access to File Servers

Simplify remote access to file shares with familiar interfaces on any computer or device. Windows and Mac desktops display mapped drives natively in Explorer and Finder. On iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, Android devices, and popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer, you have the same option.

Increase Productivity

Provide an always-on mapped drive that works anywhere and on any device, giving mobile users easy access to internal file shares or cloud file servers. Turn network shares and shared drives from Windows file servers into online shared folders protected by the same security measures as on-premises file servers and governed by the same Active Directory.

Enhance Data Security

Files are secured at rest and in transit with military-grade encryption, secure connections, and more. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save time and money during setup. When files and folders can remain on Windows file servers, security parameters are smaller and less complicated than with online public sharing services, and it's much easier to pass compliance tests.

Simplify File Share Access

Easily collaborate with business partners by providing them with access to a limited set of internal files or folders. Share files with non-AD users while maintaining administrative control. Simplify multi-site collaboration with automatic version control and file locking. Mobile workers see the same content in the online shared folder as if it came from an internal mapped drive.

On-Demand Synchronization

Mapped drives display the directory structure but delay downloads until a file is accessed to reduce bandwidth usage and endpoint storage consumption. Secure web links have also been generated for shared folders and files, allowing users to access them in a web browser-based file manager. Files are not actively downloaded or viewed (as in secure-data-room) until users generate access intentions.

Reduce Costs with a Simple "VPN"

Eliminate the overhead and support tickets typically associated with VPN file sharing, Always On VPN, or Direct Access. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save time and money on setup. With the Triofox server's help, the internal shared drive has new online folder representations over HTTPS (SSL) protocols and with RESTful APIs for client agents and mobile applications.

White Labeled File Sharing Solution

Triofox provides a white labeled platform that makes it easy for MSP partners to build a private online file sharing solution based on infrastructure from Amazon, Windows Azure or Google Cloud. MSPs can even build the white labeled solution inside their most preferred data center on a per-client basis with per-client branding support.

Simplify Management

Manage users, access controls, and storage centrally. IT can easily track where data is located, who has access, and how it is shared. A centralized, web-based management portal provides a "single-pane-of-glass" style management console for managing shared folders and shared files, as well as other objects in the management scope.

On-Premises Alternative to Dropbox and SharePoint

Triofox has the flexibility to provide an on-premises alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint by leveraging existing file servers. You can modernize your file server to be equivalent to public domains from an online file sharing solution perspective. At the same time, the solution retains all the benefits of file server security and data ownership.

Centrally Manage Granular Folder Permissions

For complete control and visibility, you can manage permissions from the file server that was their source or natively with Triofox. Businesses and their employees accumulate the NTFS permission structure over years of active use and practice. These NTFS permissions are inherited by Triofox and continue to control access to online folder sharing.

Maintain Compliance

Manage users, access controls, and storage centrally. Administrators can perform audits for GDPR and HIPAA compliance or track all file changes. It's so much easier to pass compliance tests when both Triofox servers and Windows servers IT infrastructure are under your supervision and control.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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