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Empower Your Organization with Our Self-Hosted File Sharing Solution.

Maintain full control over your business data, meet stringent compliance standards, and ensure top-notch security, all while providing seamless file access to your teams. With Triofox, leverage your existing IT infrastructure to create a private, online file sharing ecosystem, where your data stays within your premises, not on a third-party server.

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Elevate Your File Sharing Experience

Seamlessly share files while adhering to compliance standards, ensuring application compatibility, and maintaining a single source of truth. Uncover the Triofox advantage that resolves the common dilemmas posed by other file sharing solutions like SharePoint and Box.


Compliance & Security

Navigating Compliance with Ease:
In an era where data compliance regulations are tightening, having control over where your data resides is crucial. Triofox’s self-hosted solution ensures that your data stays on-premises, aligning with compliance mandates and providing a fortified layer of security.


Application Compatibility

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Infrastructure:
Application compatibility is paramount to maintaining your operational efficiency. Triofox is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing file server infrastructure, ensuring that your crucial applications continue to function flawlessly.


Single Source of Truth

Eliminate Version Conflicts and Merge Errors:
In the world of endless file copies and versions, maintaining a single source of truth is pivotal. Triofox eliminates the hassle of upward and downward file copying in business processes, ensuring that everyone in your organization is on the same page with real-time, synchronized file access.

Share files effortlessly, without compromising on data ownership.

Introducing Triofox:
Your Self-Hosted File Sharing Solution

Triofox extends your existing file server infrastructure to create a secure and user-friendly file sharing environment. Without requiring a migration of data, Triofox seamlessly integrates with your current setups like Active Directory, preserving the NTFS permissions and providing cloud drive mapping along with global file locking. This way, Triofox acts more as a natural extension of your current file server rather than a disconnected data silo.

Mapped Drive

Provide a familiar drive letter access to remote users without the need for a VPN. Your team can access shared files from anywhere, anytime, as if they were in the office, ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted.

Active Directory

Seamlessly integrate with Active Directory to ensure a unified identity and effortless user management. Maintain your existing user groups, permissions, and credentials while extending file access beyond the office.

File Locking

Safeguard critical data with global file locking, ensuring that when a file is being edited, others cannot overwrite it. This feature is crucial for teams collaborating on shared documents, maintaining data integrity and preventing version conflicts.

File Permissions

Retain your existing NTFS permissions and security settings. Triofox honors the access control settings of your file servers, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data, thus preserving your security protocols.

Experience the Triofox Advantage: Simplified, Integrated, and Efficient

Transition to Triofox and discover a file sharing solution that seamlessly melds with your existing infrastructure, eliminating migration hassles, and enhancing workflow efficiency. Here’s how Triofox stands apart:

Zero Migration:

Forget the cumbersome process of uploading and downloading files to external platforms. Triofox’s self-hosted solution keeps your data where it belongs—on your servers, ensuring compliance and reducing complexity associated with typical migrations.

Seamless Integration:

Triofox is not a blank slate; it's an extension of your current IT infrastructure. With smooth integration with Active Directory, file servers, and permission controls, it's as if Triofox was always part of your setup, only now, it's better.

Intuitive Workflow:

Welcome modern cloud file sharing features without a steep learning curve. Triofox offers mapped drives, file locking, and permission control, alongside web file manager, web link sharing, and mobile applications, making the transition almost unnoticed to end users.

Simplicity at its Core:

Triofox is designed with simplicity in mind. Enjoy a quick deployment within an hour, retain your existing file folder structure, user identity, and permission settings. It’s the same, yet enhanced.

Cost Efficiency:

Say goodbye to the costs of data duplication and third-party cloud subscriptions. With Triofox, share large volumes of data cost-effectively, thanks to the elimination of redundant data copies.

Robust Data Control:

Leverage your existing backup, shadow copy, and other data life cycle management tools with Triofox. Unlike scattered data in external platforms, keep a tight rein on your files, their history, and sharing activities, making data management a breeze.

Navigating Swiss Compliance: A Self-Hosted Triumph

In a Swiss canton, a service provider for schools grappled with the compliance hurdles posed by SharePoint and OneDrive amidst strict Swiss privacy regulations. Serving a network of schools with user counts ranging from 80 to several thousand, the encryption key storage issue with SharePoint was a major roadblock. Enter Triofox—with its self-hosted file sharing solution, the encryption keys and data remained on-premises, seamlessly aligning with the Swiss legal framework. Now, with a private cloud storage solution in place, only authorized personnel have access to critical documents, showcasing a compliant, secure, and efficient file sharing ecosystem enabled by Triofox.

Self-hosted file sharing solution for strict compliance and data protection requirements
Does your file sharing solution keep you awake at night?

Is Your File Sharing Solution A Cause for Concern?

Many conventional file sharing solutions necessitate uploading your files to external hosting sites before sharing them with colleagues or business partners. This raises pivotal questions: Who truly owns your data? How can you effectively control access to, and modifications of your data? Does control slip away when your data resides on a third-party hosting site overseas? Or perhaps, like the scenario depicted above, the idea of your encryption key being housed with a third party while your data is stationed outside your jurisdiction is unsettling? Dive into a solution that addresses these concerns head-on, reinstating control and peace of mind.

A self-hosted private file sharing solution brings the cloud experience to your on-premises file servers, providing data ownership, privacy and permission control. When cloud mobility works with traditional mapped drive and file locking, you have found a private cloud file server you have been looking for. It retains the security and privacy of the file server and adds cloud productivity features like mobile access, secure sharing, data protection, and cloud migration.

May Our Solution Grant You Peace of Mind?

Navigating through the maze of data access policies, encryption standards, and auditing requirements with your current file sharing solution can be daunting. Meeting regulatory benchmarks such as HIPAA, GDPR, or FINRA often necessitates a robust data retention and compliance framework. Triofox is engineered with these challenges in mind. Our solution is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, offering a fortified layer of control and compliance, thus reinstating peace of mind. Delve into a file sharing solution that not only understands the importance of compliance but simplifies the journey towards achieving it.

Does your file sharing solution keep you awake at night?

Tailoring File Sharing to Business Needs

Triofox transcends the limitations of consumer file sharing services by meeting the sophisticated demands of business operations:

Centralized File Server Access

Business workflows thrive on centralized file access. Triofox enhances file servers with secure HTTPS access and web-link sharing, maintaining the familiarity of network shares while adding modern accessibility—keeping business as usual, even remotely.

Security and Control

The bedrock of business IT security is user authentication and authorization. Triofox's integration with Active Directory and support for SAML single sign-on ensures that stringent security measures and permission controls are naturally extended to file sharing.

Drive Mapping for Remote Access

Triofox echoes the workplace experience for remote staff by representing network shares as mapped drives, accessible just like in the office but without the need for complex VPN setups or additional user training.

Smart Sync for Large Data Sets

Understanding that business data sets are larger than personal ones, Triofox provides on-demand syncing, allowing remote workers to access large files without the need for full local storage or compromising security.

Global File Locking

Collaboration without conflicts is a staple of business productivity. Triofox's global file locking prevents editing clashes by locking files during use, thus ensuring consistency and preventing data loss across the board.

Endpoint Management

Triofox recognizes the necessity for comprehensive endpoint management within businesses. It delivers robust endpoint access policies and backup options, essential for maintaining corporate data integrity and compliance.

The Self-Hosted Superiority of Triofox

In a landscape filled with file sync and share products, Triofox distinguishes itself by enhancing, not replacing, your file server's capabilities. Engineered from the ground up to fortify and extend your existing systems, Triofox delivers unparalleled control over permissions, drive mappings, and file locking—features that other solutions often overlook.

Data Ownership

Empower your business with Triofox by utilizing your existing file servers and Active Directory. Establish a file-sharing solution that ensures your corporation maintains unequivocal ownership of data within your established IT infrastructure.

Ensuring Compliance

With Triofox, the path to compliance becomes clearer. Our self-hosted solution simplifies the implementation of data protection, retention, and audit policies, dovetailing with regulatory standards. Your file server's role as a central data repository makes extending current auditing workflows effortless.

Guarding Data Privacy

Triofox strengthens your data privacy strategy by building on the foundation of your current file server system. It offers secure, HTTPS-based access and web-link sharing, enhancing the traditional VPN model and providing more flexible, secure file server functionality.

Streamlined Data Management

Administer data with ease using Triofox, as your file server becomes the robust backbone of a self-hosted file sharing platform. This continuity allows for the use of existing identity providers and life cycle management policies without any extra complexity.

Robust Data Control

With Triofox, Active Directory's established infrastructure remains the bedrock of file access and authentication. The integration supports federation, SAML single sign-on, and continues to enforce NTFS permission for uncompromised file security and access control.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration Features

Team Folders from Cloud Network Shares

Transform traditional file server network shares into dynamic team folders. These cloud-enabled shared spaces allow for real-time collaboration, directly accessible from anywhere, without changing the way you work.

Seamless Remote Drive Mapping

Access cloud-stored files directly through Windows Explorer with a dedicated drive letter, just like you would with local files. This familiar interface eliminates the learning curve for remote file access.

Enhanced Global File Locking

Ensure document integrity when collaborating. With Triofox, any file opened by a user is locked to prevent conflicting changes, promoting a harmonious and efficient team workflow.

Compliance Features

Compliance Features

Streamlined Active Directory Integration

Incorporate Triofox with your existing Active Directory for both local and remote file servers. This easy integration supports the continuity of user management and access control across your network.

Detailed Audit and History Reports

Keep a precise record of all file-related actions and administrative tasks. Triofox's reporting tools make it easy to track usage, changes, and access patterns, aiding in compliance and oversight.

Robust Data Protection

Secure your data with state-of-the-art encryption during transfer and at rest. Triofox's protection capabilities ensure that your information remains guarded, leveraging your existing user permissions for enhanced security without additional setup complexities.

Expand Your File Sharing Horizons with Triofox

File Server Access

File Server Access Reinvented

Elevate your file server to new heights with Triofox’s secure mobile access. Dive into an unmatched cloud experience that respects your established NTFS permissions and Active Directory identities. Embrace advanced control with strategic features such as file versioning, auditing, reporting, and collaboration policies—crafted for the modern enterprise.

Self-Hosted File Sharing

Revolutionize Self-Hosted File Sharing

Step into the role of a Cloud Service Provider for your users. Offer a compelling Dropbox alternative with Triofox that not only empowers you to retain ultimate control over data but also slashes costs by up to 80%. Transform your file servers into a powerhouse data center and deliver a business continuity solution that safeguards your company's operational future.

File Server Migration

Seamless File Server Migration

Transition to the cloud without the friction. Triofox safeguards the familiar feel of your file server environment, mirroring NTFS and Active Directory permissions with ease. Enjoy the same mapped drive and file locking functionalities, while your server stays in perfect sync with the cloud, ensuring a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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