Should SharePoint Replace File Servers?

Make your file servers great again by seamlessly enabling file servers with SharePoint-like features. Maintain privacy and control without sacrificing usability and performance.

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A story - Keep the traditional file server, but with a SharePoint-like experience

An advertising marketing company has about 60 employees with 6 TB of data. They have a main file server located in the main office. The file server is used as a large repository. They do a lot of design and video editing projects. This creates many larger creative files such as Adobe files, video files, and traditional files. SharePoint is another file repository. SharePoint is not ideal. Uploading and downloading large amounts of data between SharePoint and the local file server is cumbersome. They prefer the current traditional file server because of the large amounts of data. The company needs a creative solution for remote work and is always looking for something better. They want a solution that works with the current file server and provides better performance for remote access to the file server with SharePoint-like experience.

Keep the traditional file server, but with a SharePoint-like experience

Replace your file server with SharePoint?

With so many businesses migrating to Office 365, using SharePoint for file sharing and collaboration may seem like a good fit. However, there are many challenges. For example, you cannot view more than 5000 items on a page. SharePoint is also a very complex system for ongoing maintenance.

Replace your file server with SharePoint?

SharePoint is another file service that competes with your existing Windows file servers. Business adopting SharePoint typically cannot fully replace Windows file servers for a variety of reasons. As a result, in many businesses, the SharePoint service and Windows file servers coexist, resulting in data being split across different silos.

Historically, SharePoint administrators have struggled with user adoption in their businesses. SharePoint intranets are clunky with static pages, and a lot of time and money is spent on user interface customization and branding.

Another common complaint is monitoring, with too much irrelevant data dumped on SharePoint sites.

Microsoft also does not offer endpoint backup and recovery for data stored in SharePoint Online. Microsoft only maintains a 14-day backup of the site for disaster recovery.

Do you also have these concerns with SharePoint?

"Does SharePoint have a desktop client with a drive mapper?"
"Does SharePoint work with QuickBook or my line-of-business app?"
“Where is my data located, on file servers, or in SharePoint?”

Triofox eliminates the common drawbacks of remote file server access and cloud file sharing solutions to provide the best of both worlds: privacy, security, and control of legacy file servers, and combining these with the efficiency and productivity gains of cloud file sharing.

Triofox Advantages

Triofox helps you address your concern on data ownership, data security, and data privacy. Triofox provides a way for you to maintain control by leveraging your existing file servers as a data repository and your current Active Directories as the identity service provider for the enterprise file sharing solution similar to Dropbox.

Once the Triofox server is deployed, your employees can access existing file shares via web browsers, mobile applications, PCs, and Macs. On PCs, the familiar locally mapped drive interface and file locking behavior are preserved. The process is seamless, so users typically require no downtime and minimal, if any, training.



Easy Deployment

SharePoint On-Premises requires at least two servers, a database server, and a storage server that IT must manage. Triofox is much easier to deploy on a clean Windows Server.

Familiar User Experience

SharePoint is challenging to learn and use. Triofox provides a mapped drive over HTTPS for simplified access from anywhere.

No Additional Training Required

Triofox's drive-based access requires no training. Right-click to share or request file transfers.

Simplify Management

Triofox is much simpler to manage with auditing, reporting, and policy-based administration.



End-Point Protection

Triofox automatically encrypts data at rest on all your endpoints to improve data protection.

Data Leak Prevention

Triofox prevents data theft, loss of company data and ensures compliance while still allowing viewing and editing of files and shares over https.

Enhance Data Security

With military level endpoint encryption, Triofox requires minimal secure connections and network protocol locking. Triofox is more secure, with less surface exposed.

Data Remains of your Local File Servers

Unlike SharePoint, which requires you to upload your confidential data, Triofox leaves all shared files intact on your file servers. Triofox keeps the data in one place, both for file server shares and cloud file sharing, instead of allowing data to scatter.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Active Directory and NTFS Integration

Triofox provides full native Windows file share and NTFS security integration.

Eliminates Data Sprawl

Triofox reduces data sprawl by keeping data on local file servers. Mobile productivity is also balanced by centralized access control management.

Time Saver

With SharePoint, it is very time consuming and costly to migrate existing file server data and train employees to change their daily workflows. Triofox is easy to use and requires minimal integration effort.

Hybrid Deployments

With Triofox, data saved to file shares is replicated to the cloud and vice versa, to ensure business continuity with hybrid deployments.



File Locking

Automatic file locking tied into the file system driver. Also protected by check in/out and versioning.

Version Control

Provide an easy-to-access version control history that simplifies recovery from cyberattacks such as ransomware.

Conflict Detection

Prevent accidental modification or deletion of files with additional layers of conflict detection.

Change Notification

With Triofox, you can receive automatic alerts that help you keep track of all changes in the system.

How it works

Triofox servers can be installed and deployed on-premise as a private enterprise file sharing server. The private enterprise file sharing service can be integrated with Active Directory user identities and existing file server shares. All users, from internal and remote employees to external clients and partners, can share files and folders based on the current file server content and follow specific predefined security rules and permissions.

In addition to existing features such as a locally mapped drive, on-demand synchronization, and file locking, businesses will also get the following modern file sharing features:

Active Directory Integration

Automatically use existing identities and home shares from Active Directory. Existing NTFS permissions for files and folders are natively checked by the Windows operating system.

Amazon, Azure, OpenStack

Create a private sync and share solution based on object storage such as OpenStack Swift, any S3 compatible, Microsoft Azure, and file server network shares.

Folder Permission

Granular folder permissions can mirror NTFS permissions or be created natively. Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Large File Transfer

Use Outlook integration to transfer large files as web links via email.


Triofox integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring.

Mobile Access

Simplify remote access to file servers from mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and browsers.

Additional Benefits of Triofox

In addition to combining Dropbox-style mobility features with the security of Windows file servers, Triofox offers numerous features to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Online Backup

Cloud backup and data protection with version control. On-demand sync minimizes storage and bandwidth consumption.


Full support for file locking from the cloud. Encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.

VPN Replacements

An alternative for one or more of the following: VPN, DFS, FTP, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, ShareFile, Anchor, Egnyte, etc.

Centralized Control

Combines NTFS permissions, Active Directory users and drive mappings. Advanced reports and usage audits on file-sharing activity from a centralized management console.

Simple Remote Access

Simplified remote access from iOS/AndroidPC/Mac/Windows Phone/Windows RT mobile devices. From any location, with any device.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate management costs of servers and VPNs. Avoid the cost of manual files and folders replication or recreation of NTFS permissions.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with current file-based enterprise networks and workflow environments.

Flexible and Easy Setup

Choose different implementations according to your own needs. Simple setup procedure.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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