Modernize Remote Access to
On-Prem File Servers

Still relying on outdated VPNs for remote file access? Embrace a modern solution with Triofox, adding cloud mobility features where VPNs fall short. Boost the productivity of your remote workforce without the complexity of cloud migration. Keep your existing file servers and permissions, ensure compliance, and provide seamless access through familiar interfaces - all within hours.

Transforming Enterprises

Intrigued by how these companies leverage Triofox in their digital transformation journey? Join leaders who turn barriers into breakthroughs.

Nékter Juice Bar
TD Synnex
North Central Texas College
Red Bull
Pogue Construction
Elitser Technologies

Recognize Any of Your Dilemmas?

Looking to enhance remote productivity but can't utilize SharePoint or Box? Let Triofox solve any challenge you face. Transform your file server landscape as part of your digital transformation journey, addressing critical issues from compliance to complex applications.


Compliance & Security

For businesses like Ericsson, local data regulations require direct control over file storage. Triofox enables secure access without relying on third-party sites, adhering to specific regional compliance needs.


Large Amounts of Data

Established companies or AEC sectors face data migration issues due to volume. Triofox avoids lengthy processes and high costs, maintaining usability and scalability without disrupting existing applications.


Compatibility Issues

Legacy applications like AutoCAD rely on drive mapping and file locking. Triofox preserves these critical features, ensuring uninterrupted workflows, maintaining user familiarity, and upholding existing permissions.


Or Using Object Storage

Unite cloud object storage like Amazon S3 with traditional file server functionality. Maintain familiar interfaces and operations, while leveraging the cloud's scalability, cost-effectiveness, and agility.

Triofox has revolutionized the way our office works remotely. The software is evolving rapidly, and the cross-platform support makes it a breeze to keep my business working.

Hoffman York

Eric Sindic
Information Technology Manager
Hoffman York

Is This Your Vision?

Empower Your Remote Workforce Without Abandoning Your File Servers

A Third Way Exists

Are you stuck between the rock of outdated VPN solutions and the hard place of disruptive file server migration? Triofox offers a third path - file server mobilization. This means you don't have to abandon what's already working; we make it better and compatible with modern demands.

Unique Solutions

CIOs often hesitate to commit to file server migration due to security and compliance concerns. Our solution modernizes your existing file servers, enabling remote work options without necessitating migration, thus directly addressing and alleviating these concerns.

Best of Both Worlds

We take the strength of file server migration solutions like SharePoint and combine them with the reliable, old-school features of VPNs. Expect a seamless blend of web and mobile file access along with traditional file server capabilities like drive mapping and file locking.

No More Data Sprawl

Facing the issue of uncontrolled data sprawl because remote workers are using various unauthorized storage solutions? Triofox helps centralize all your data securely on your existing servers, eliminating the need for third-party services, thus reducing risks of data leakage.

With Triofox, our users can securely access and share files, as well as work on documents directly from our file servers from anywhere - a must in the pandemic era.


Nick King
IT Security Engineer
Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL-TV

What can Triofox do for you?

What can Triofox do for you?

Triofox enhances existing Windows file servers with secure remote access, mobile file sharing, data protection, and cloud migration while meeting business requirements for security, privacy, compliance, and control. Triofox increases the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, privacy, and security.

Leading companies trust us to
mobilize their workforce

Do you want to make these features available to your remote workers?

Would you like to make these features available to your mobile workforce?


Offline Editing

A traditional VPN requires a stable and active connection to the corporate firewall to function. A disruption in the Internet or a broken connection to the firewall interrupts employees' work with unsaved files. With offline editing, remote workers can save and edit documents without an active connection and asynchronously save the files to a corporate file server once the connection is restored.


Always On

A firewall vendor usually offers VPN without an always-on feature. Always-on VPN requires more infrastructure components such as identity servers, authentication servers, compatible clients OS, etc. However, most modern cloud applications are always on. They allow offline access to files and folders and store files on a local device before synchronizing them with online servers.


High Performance

Accessing file servers is hardly high-performance because when a VPN serves as an enabler, file access is via the SMB/CIFS protocol. First of all, the SMB protocol is not a data streaming protocol with many requests and responses. If we can switch to HTTP streaming for file transfer, the performance will improve. Second, HTTP-based file transfer traffic can take advantage of a global content delivery network, so HTTP is faster for cross-continent transfer.

COVID-19 Readiness

For those transitioning to remote and home working environments due to COVID-19 precautions, Gladinet Triofox can quickly mobilize your file servers for your mobile and work-from-home workforce.

Secure Remote File Server Access

Secure Remote File Server Access

Empower remote workers and home workers with a simple and secure file server access solution from anywhere using any device. Eliminate VPN headaches. Accelerate productivity for the mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, data privacy, or data security.

Eliminate VPN Headaches

Leverage your office experience anywhere with a simple mapped drive that easily connects to a file server. Fix everything you hate about VPNs without moving to the cloud!

Increase the Mobility of Your Workforce

Boost the productivity of your mobile workforce with mobile apps, Windows and Mac client agents, and a web browser-based file manager.

Maintain Compliance and Data Ownership

Eliminate data loss and threats with Shadow IT, storing data on your file servers and using Active Directory and NTFS permissions for access control.

Maximize Security

Protect your network by turning remote requests for files into authenticated queries to Active Directory and authorized access to network shares.

Secure File Sharing

Avoid the limitations of sending files in emails over Outlook or the loss of control when employees use personal Dropbox and other third-party service accounts to share files. Take control by using Triofox to provide secure corporate file sharing from your file servers directly.

secure file sharing

Private On-Premise File Sharing

On premise file sharing solution allows businesses to self-host private file sharing servers with their on-premise IT infrastructure to share files with external parties securely.

Auditing and Reporting

Auditing features are an important part of compliance tracking. It allows keeping track of all file changes and generating reports of who's sharing what with whom.

Granular Folder Permissions

Leverage native NTFS permissions for the existing folder hierarchy. Manage permissions from the original file serve or within Triofox.

Large File Transfers

Triofox turns shared files and folders into web links that let you transfer large files safely and easily.

business continuity

Business Continuity

Give your employees the ability to work from home or other alternative workstations - safely and securely. You'll be spared disasters like hurricanes and storms, and reduce vulnerability to global pandemics like the currently rampant coronavirus. Use Triofox to improve business continuity and provide your employees with secure remote and mobile access to file servers when working from home or other remote locations.

Hybrid Cloud File Server

Hybrid cloud storage solution delivers incredible flexibility, performance, and security for mobile access, data protection, and cloud migration. (Read More)

Centralized Management

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for every organization and business unit. Easily keep track of where data resides, who has access, and how it is shared.

Additional Version Control

Version control is built-in, so employees can access files from the file server without additional workflows such as checking files in or out. Version control takes place automatically under the hood.

Flexible and Fast

Triofox works directly on your existing file servers. The setup process is straightforward and speedy. Since it is an additional layer on top of your current data, the removal process is also short and flexible when you no longer need the solution. There is no lock-in to any particular vendor.

Backup & Ransomware Protection

Triofox offers a range of data protection and business continuity features that make your employees more productive by minimizing the duration and impact of file server outages while reducing business continuity and data protection costs.

Backup & Ransomware Protection

Access Control & Protection

Protect your data with features like device approval, audit trace logs, file change history, ransomware protection, and native integration with Active Directory and NTFS permissions to protect file access.

Audit Trace & File Change Logs

Improve change control by adding file versioning to Windows Shadow Copy Services. It tracks the who, what, when, and where for every change and simplifies point-in-time recovery from user errors and malicious attacks.

Private or Public Cloud Backup

Define the backup target location for your network file shares. Files and folders will be replicated off-site to another on-premises location or public cloud and can be accessed directly for business continuity.

Device Backup

The solution backs up files and folders from remote devices to a centralized Triofox server to provide peace of mind and endpoint protection even without reliable access to the permanent corporate network.

Take Your File Servers
Back To The Future

Triofox prepares file servers for a productive future that is independent of the data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud, or file servers on-premises, you'll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security, or privacy. Combine the security of traditional file servers with mobile productivity and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Take Your File Servers Back To The Future

How does it work?

Triofox is easy to install and configure. One of our partners or we are here to assist with the setup.

Install Triofox Server

Run the Triofox installer on a clean Windows Server, and the installer will install all dependency components. Basic setup and configuration require only a few minutes. A reboot is required after the installation.

Configure File Server Shares

Enable Active Directory integration and file server discovery. You can then publish file server network shares to Active Directory users for secure, remote, and mobile access from remote and mobile devices.

Professional Services

You can use the Triofox professional services team for setup, configuration, and training or work directly with one of our authorized partners. We will help you set up the Triofox server to integrate with your IT infrastructure.

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce!

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